Small Business Loans

All local. All the time. Small businesses often need to tap into non-traditional sources of capital. One of those non-traditional sources are revolving loan funds. Commonly, revolving loan funds that are set up by local government agencies and nonprofit lenders are a way to encourage innovation and job growth within a defined geographic zone. Prospera administers three of these funds, lending small business capital to people who are leading our local economies by adding jobs and blazing new trails. Because 100 percent of all loan repayments stay right here in Gallatin and Park Counties, we offer small business owners a unique opportunity to reach their business goals while simultaneously building a dynamic business community.

These loans are designed to help - not compete with - commercial banks. Banks don't want to decline loan requests. They like helping whenever they can, but sometimes applicants don't meet certain requirements. If you are a small business owner, have met with a banker, and are having difficulties getting approved, Prospera may be able to help.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Strengthen a bank loan request
Prospera offers guidance for business plans, marketing plans, cash flow projections, and other business discussions so that you can present a solid plan to your lenders.
Meet your business capital needs
The loans Prospera administers can mitigate and reduce the risk banks assume when considering your loan request. If you are loan shopping, we may be able to help you meet your capital needs.
Refer a client
If you are a banker and have a client who may benefit from one of the services offered here, please help them by putting us in touch. We'd like to partner with you to get them approved.