Growth and Expansion Guidance

Successful entrepreneurs are a dynamic bunch; a myriad of studies show they are risk-tolerant, creative, innovative, distinct, driven, figure-it-out-as-they-go-types. Somehow they wear all hats well, often because they have no other choice. Employees, investors, and clients are all depending on that entrepreneur, and by definition, that entrepreneur refuses to fail any of them. Then, for the successful entrepreneur, his or her really good idea that turned into a business starts to grow. Really fast.

Leaders at fast-growing companies face unique challenges when reaching the next level of growth. Prospera is well positioned to work with microenterprises (less than 50 employees) that have high potential for growth and job creation. Through our advanced entrepreneurial growth and expansion services your company gets hands on assistance to achieve your goals.  We offer customized, high-quality expertise in financial, legal, managerial and marketing matters. Our experienced staff and network of professional consultants can work with you step-by-step to develop a growth strategy, fund it and stay with you during the implementation, inspiring your company to the next level.

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